Leopard FIX

Rotary labelling - Leopard FIX

Leopard FIX is an automatic labelling machine, fit for the application of multiple labels on cylindrical, conical, oval and square-based containers by means of a wet glue system.

Available features:

  • Electronic cam system: every plate is equipped with an independent brushless servomotor regulated by a programmable driver. This system allows the plates to perform complex movements, guaranteeing the user a virtually infinite range of application in terms of container shapes and label dimensions – while making possible the construction of smaller machines. Further advantages of the electronic cam system are the possibility to include centering, controlling and coding devices, even at a later date.
  • The fixed magazine technology available on wet glue labelling stations allows to load new labels without stopping or slowing down the machine. The rotatory-oscillatory movement performed by the glue pallets guarantees a delicate collecting and a precise application of the labels even at a high production speed. These units feature the possibility of adjusting the thickness of the glue on a micrometric scale, a system for the automatic washing of the grippers, and a pneumatic glue pump. The glue warmer is optional.
The Leopard project comes into being with a specific goal: developing a line of labelling machines suitable for meeting the demands of a constantly evolving market. Every machine is designed after the customer’s requests in order to satisfy his specific needs, and developed according to a modern conception which brings together simplicity and sturdiness.

Every Leopard model can be assembled in 'mixed' versions featuring different application technologies (Self-adhesive, Cold glue, Hot glue).

Production speed from 2.000 to 18.000 containers per hour.

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