Modular rotary labelling - Panther

Panther is a new modular labelling machine line, a flexible solution which allows to combine different label application technologies on a single rotary machine. Every module consists in a labelling station assembled on an easily replaceable cart. Panther allows to combine wet glue, hot melt, roll fed and autoadhesive stations.
Available features:

  • Electronic cam system: every plate is equipped with an independent brushless servomotor regulated by a programmable driver. This system allows the plates to perform complex movements, guaranteeing the user a virtually infinite range of application in terms of container shapes and label dimensions – while making possible the construction of smaller machines. Further advantages of the electronic cam system are the possibility to include centering, controlling and coding devices, even at a later date.

  • Optical centering and quality control systems.

  • Defective product rejection system.
  • No-stop system.


  • Flexibility and smaller dimensions, made possible by the modular solution. The possibility of adding and removing different application systems spares the user from purchasing bigger mixed machines.

  • Easy to use. Panther features centralized controls and an HMI interface that grants the user a complete control over the machine.

  • IIOT ready: an unprecedented level of connectivity allows us to offer our customers a completely remote manageable machine, for the purposes of both teleservice and machine reconfiguration according to the user’s needs. 

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Industry 4.0 ready.

  • Energetic efficiency.

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