Leopard HM

Rotary labelling - Leopard HOT MELT

Leopard HOT MELT is designed for the application of paper or plastic wrap-around labels on cylindrical or shaped containers, by means of a hot glue system.

Available features:
  • Electronic cam system: every plate is equipped with an independent brushless servomotor regulated by a programmable driver. This system allows the plates to perform complex movements, guaranteeing the user a virtually infinite range of application in terms of container shapes and label dimensions – while making possible the construction of smaller machines. Further advantages of the electronic cam system are the possibility to include centering, controlling and coding devices, even at a later date.
  • The fixed magazine technology available on hot melt labelling stations allows to load new labels without stopping or slowing down the machine. The Hot Melt labelling stations are sturdy electromechanical units whose precision is guaranteed by the mechanical syncronization with the machine.
The Leopard project comes into being with a specific goal: developing a line of labelling machines suitable for meeting the demands of a constantly evolving market. Every machine is designed after the customer’s requests in order to satisfy his specific needs, and developed according to a modern conception which brings together simplicity and sturdiness.

Every Leopard model can be assembled in 'mixed' versions featuring different application technologies (Self-adhesive, Cold glue, Hot glue).

Production speed from 3.000 to 40.000 containers per hour.

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