Linear labelling - Tiger

Tiger is an automatic labelling machine designed for the application of multiple self-adhesive labels on shaped containers, featuring a linear conveyor belt that allows the labelling of voluminous containers.
The machine is characterized by:

  • Versatility: the format change is made easier by the simplicity of the equipment.

  • Sturdiness, which makes possible sustaining heavy working loads.

  • The non-stop application system provides a continuous self-adhesive label feed. This system consists of two parallel labelling stations for the application of the same label: once the reel on the first station is finished, the second station starts working, while a new reel is loaded on the first one. The overall production efficiency thus benefits from the elimination of downtimes usually needed for loading new label reels.

Every machine is designed after the customer’s requests for the purpose of satisfying the most diverse needs.
Production speed from 2.000 to 15.000 containers per hour.

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